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D&Wp Awareness Resources

Drug Box Item 24 - Drug Testinghealth_workeronline_resource_centre

Drug Awareness Safer Sex Awareness Alcohol Awareness Health Awareness  

D&Wp are a UK manufacturer of 2D, 3D and digital visual aids for some of the more challenging and complex issues affecting young people and adults today.

We have been supplying UK schools, councils, hospitals, police forces and NGO's with resources which deliver a balanced view and a hands-on approach to the challenges of a modern world. Our resources create interest, awareness and discussion by feeding persistent curiosity with knowledge, values and attitudes.

D&Wp products are hand made with non-toxic, hazard-free materials and attention to detail. All items come with their own information card with details researched from trusted government sources and organisations.

As well as the 24-case Box format, D&Wp's resources are also available as board games, flash cards, beer goggle games and online sources of help and information in the form of the D&Wp Oline Resource Centre for Drug Awareness and downloadable resources available from the support section of our website.